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广州托福培训 托福写作:however的用法

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  Onaverage, 11% of all households, comprising almost two million people, were inthis position. However,those consisting of only one parent or a single adult had almost double thisproportion of poor people, with 21% and 19% respectively.


  Somepeople prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change.Others, however,think that change is always a good thing.

  As faras I am concerned,however, young men ought to be inspired to undertake a leadership rolein an organization.

  Fromopponents’ perspective,however,little has been done by celebrities to help address theproblems.


  Otherfactors responsible for the growing crime rate include poor education, which however is also mainlythe result of poverty.

  Highbuildings better suit large cities than houses, which however are more livable.


  Thuswe can see that more men than women hold qualifications at the lower and higherlevels of education, while more women reach undergraduate diploma level thanmen. The gender difference is smallest at the level of Bachelor’s degree, however.


  So manydifferent sorts of tools enable people to live a highly efficient life;however, they are very likelyto cause threats to the environment.

  Comparedto individuals, governments have more power to arrange a wide range of socialresources to address severe issues; however, it does not mean that addressing this problem totallydepends on governments.

  Somepeople claim that it is acceptable and understandable; however,from my perspective, spendingenormous time on computer games instead of sports is a negative developmentboth for children’s growth and harmonious society.